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[Blog] Data Standards, Energy Efficiency and the Digital Data Economy

Digital data is so big that politicians are starting to talk about the need to break up the companies that manage and profit from much of our data, like Google, Facebook and Amazon. These companies know what to sell you and when you are interested in buying. The better they ......

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[Blog] ...and the workforce to build it: H.R. 1315. The Blue Collar to Green Collar Jobs Act

There is cause for celebration this week not just for the Home Performance Coalition, (HPC) but for all players in the home performance industry, as H.R. 1315 was introduced to the 116th Congress. ...

[Blog] Be "Smart on Smart" - A Smart Home Workshop for Contractors at HPC19

Sponsored by Google (Nest) and ecobee, join this unique contractor training workshop and make home performance, smart performance....

[Blog] Updating Existing Windows with Window Film Offers More Immediate Benefits

To save money on a building’s energy costs, window replacement may not be a smart move, according to conclusions from government agencies indicating it may take decades to recoup the cash outlay for the installation of new, energy-efficient windows....

[Blog] 100,000 Home Energy Scores So Far And Counting!

DOE’s Home Energy Score™ is a tool for homeowners, homebuyers, and renters that estimates home energy use, home energy costs, and provides cost-effective solutions to improve home energy efficiency. This score was developed after research showed the need for a low-cost, reliable method for homeowners and buyers ......

SKU-RXR2916932N Qr1 Series T-Union G3/8 X12Mm from Cromwell Tools and Building Supplies  sku

Qr1 Series T-Union G3/8 X12Mm - RXR2916932N by Cromwell_tools

Item description: This Fluid Power Pneumatic Fittings product is by Cromwell_tools - Union QR1-RTT SeriesExternal thread push-in fitting. Available in M5 - G1/2. Stainless steel tube locking mechanism and polymer body and release ring.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cromwell_tools

Keywords: Home , Home Improvement , Home Hardware, Home Hardware

Store: Cromwell has been a popular resource and household name for thousands of trade professionals in the UK. Apart from stocking any product and every brand, we pride ourselves by our customer service. We also ensure that we are very competitively priced through daily price checks against our competitors.

Category: Pneumatic Fittings


See the Price of Qr1 Series T-Union G3/8 X12Mm

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