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The corner kitchen sink, for instance, is a great way to save more counter space and to create an appealing cooking area. Standard and also modernistic styles of kitchen sinks are all offered to match as well as improve your design and also palette....

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5 Common Home Repairs Using a Miter Saw

Conducting home repairs is now easily done thanks to the availability of power tools in the market. Home renovations can be expensive and at the same time a long process if done by professionals. This article will be focusing on the 5 Common Home Repairs using a Miter Saw....

SKU-SEA5165550M Seaward Primetest 50 Portable Appliance Checker 240V from Cromwell Tools and Building Supplies  sku

Seaward Primetest 50 Portable Appliance Checker 240V - SEA5165550M by Cromwell_tools

Item description: This Measuring Electrical Measuring & Testing Equipment product is by Cromwell_tools - The Primetest 50 offers exceptional lightness and portability as well as a simplified range of tests. Simply choose the test you require; either earthed appliance, double insulated appliance, or mains cord testing. The simple display shows Pass or Fail. The outer casing will stand up to anything a normal working environment has to offer. A great choice for those needing a reliable, easy to use, portable safety tester.Easy to use: Connect your test appliance, pick your test mode, push the button. The display tells whether it has passed or failed.Hand-held - highly portable: Measuring only 26 x 10cm, the Primetest 50 fits in the palm of your hand.Battery powered: Lighter, easy to use and more portable, you do not need a power supply nearby.PATGuard compatible: To help make your life as a tester even easier, the Primetest 50 can be used with our industry acclaimed PATGuard Workabout software for mobile data input. Now you have the best of both worlds - easy testing and easy information management.PAT tests: Earth continuity. Test current ±200mA DC. PASS/FAIL threshold 0.2ohms. Insulation resistance. Test voltages 500V DC. PASS/FAIL threshold 2Mohms. IEC lead test. Tests performed earth continuity. Insulation resistance. Live, neutral continuity and polarity.Circuit tests: Power socket test. Input voltage range 230V +10%, -15% AC. Indicators phase to earth voltage. Phase to neutral voltage. Neutral to earth.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cromwell_tools

Keywords: Home , Hand Tools , Measuring Tools, Measuring Tools

Store: Cromwell has been a popular resource and household name for thousands of trade professionals in the UK. Apart from stocking any product and every brand, we pride ourselves by our customer service. We also ensure that we are very competitively priced through daily price checks against our competitors.

Category: Electrical Measuring & Testing Equipment


See the Price of Seaward Primetest 50 Portable Appliance Checker 240V

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