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SKU-SEN2108980K Senator Diamond Coated Burr Set3Mm Shank (10Pc) from Cromwell Tools and Building Supplies  sku

Senator Diamond Coated Burr Set3Mm Shank (10Pc) - SEN2108980K by Cromwell_tools

Item description: This Cutting Tools Deburring product is by Cromwell_tools - 10 piece assortment of burrs, all diamond coated, in a fitted wooden box.Contents (with 3mm Shank) 1 x each:Cylindrical - 2 x 8mm; 3 x 10mm; 5 x 10mmCylindrical Ball Nosed - 5 x 10mmPointed Tree - 2 x 10mm; 3 x 10mmBall - 2mm; 3mm; 5mm10° Conical - 0.5/3mm x 15mm... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cromwell_tools

Keywords: Home , Home Improvement , Home Hardware, Home Hardware

Store: Cromwell has been a popular resource and household name for thousands of trade professionals in the UK. Apart from stocking any product and every brand, we pride ourselves by our customer service. We also ensure that we are very competitively priced through daily price checks against our competitors.

Category: Deburring


See the Price of Senator Diamond Coated Burr Set3Mm Shank (10Pc)

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  Senator 100 X 3 X 16Mm A24Rbf Dpccutting Disc (Pk10)
Type 42 DPC CuttingHigh quality depressed centre cutting discs that offer professional performance and assure operator safety. For use with all portable grinders. Manufactured to European safety standards. Type 42 cutting discs not to be used for grinding. Supplied in packs of 10 discs. ...See The Price
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