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Adhesives News:

[Blog] Advancing Home Performance Data from the Stone Age to Modern Times

We in home performance care about homes. Beyond providing healthy, comfortable shelter for humans, our urgent goal for homes across the globe is their transformation to zero carbon emissions. Access and visibility of home performance data is vital to this progress....

[Blog] Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury

Today, the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) calls on policymakers, industry leaders, energy program managers and contractors to redefine home energy performance to include smart technology, smart homes. In “Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury, How the Smart Home Could Revolutionize the Industry and Transform the Home-to-Grid Connection,” HPC ......

[Blog] Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Zero-energy (ZE) homes—efficient homes that produce or procure as much renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year—are often marketed as luxury homes, only available to the select few that are willing to pay a significant premium to do the right thing for ......

[Blog] Connecticut Energy Efficiency Policy Issues Get a Fast Start on the Fall Season

September has already been a busy month on two critical energy efficiency (EE) issues directly impacting home performance contractors in Connecticut. First, the United States District Court in Hartford heard oral arguments on a lawsuit to restore $145 million on Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy funds that were “swept” ......

[Blog] Why Open Standards Matter for Home Energy Efficiency

This is the first of a new monthly series that will showcase the benefits of HPXML in scaling the home energy efficiency industry by organizations that use the data standard – software companies, utility programs, government, and contractors. Every month, the blog will feature a new writer who will describe ......

[Blog] Top 10 Tips for Residential HVAC Sales People in 2018

Selling to consumers in the residential HVAC market has changed over the last 10 years. The days of formality in a sale are fading away and consumers now are going with companies that can show the most transparency and connect better during a sale....

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