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Fasteners News:

Erector Proves Speed Predictions for Radical Steel Frame of Seattle's Rainier Square Tower

With floors 10 and 11 of Seattle’s 58-story Rainier Square Tower under construction concurrently, crews from the Erection Co. are meeting or exceeding speed predictions for the radical composite steel frame’s steel erection, core welding and core concrete casting....

Contractor Gets Green Light to Fix Two Fractured Girders at Salesforce Transit Center

On Jan. 10, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority announced that procurement has begun for the repair of the two fractured bottom flanges of the twin parallel girders that span 80 ft across Fremont Street in the 4.5-block-long Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco....

E-Commerce Logistics Test Limits of Tilt-Up Construction

While “fulfillment centers” and other e-commerce logistic facilities drive a hot market for the manufacturing sector, traditional construction methods such as tilt-up concrete panels are being pushed to ever-greater heights....

Shop Drawing Note May Be a Factor At Problem Transit Hub

A note from the engineer of record on an approved shop drawing for San Franciscos Salesforce Transit Center appears to have initiated an instruction to the steel fabricator to cut two 2-in. x 4-in. holes in the bottom flanges of the hubs built-up plate girders....

'Perfect Storm' Caused Fractures at Salesforce Transit Center

The underlying causes of the trouble at San Francisco’s 4.5-block-long Salesforce Transit Center are coming into focus....

Fabricator Calls Hanger Detail Key to Fractured Girder Flanges

The steel fabricator for the third-floor tapered, built-up plate girders at the troubled Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco is calling for a girder-hanger connection design review as part of the probe into the causes of brittle fractures in bottom flanges of twin 80-ft-long members that bridge Fremont Street....

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